Assembly Technology

Electric throughfeed case clamp CABTEQ T-200


Flexible technology for the complete carcass variety

No matter whether sensitive or thin-walled, especially high-quality or bevel carcasses – the electric throughfeed case clamp CABTEQ T-200 gently presses every carcass in highest quality. The result is absolutely rectangular, solid and properly pressed carcasses.

(Electric throughfeed case clamp MDE 120)


  • Patented zero-edge pressing allows a freely accessible carcass for fast and simple processing of the rear wall
  • Best suited for series operation, small lots up to batch size 1
  • Can be integrated into an assembly line
  • Simple operation thanks to powerTouch

Technical Data

Carcass dimensions 
Carcass length250–2500 mm 250–3100 mm
Carcass depth120–800 mm 120–1000 mm
Carcass height220–1320 mm
vertikalmax. 30 кN 
horizontal max. 15 кN
Feed speed Transports12–40 m/min
Working height500 mm
Weight5,0–6,0 t
Operating pressure6 bar
Transport interfaceyes