Drilling- and Fitting Insertion

Vertical CNC Processing Center DRILLTEQ V-500


Dynamic package for powerful processing in an area of less than 10 m²

The DRILLTEQ V-500 offers the next generation of compact vertical CNC technology in an area of less than 10 m². There are two powerful configurations available to choose from. Various software options improve speed and safety during processing. Automate your processes with barcode integration or workpiece return. With the dowel insertion function, you gain considerably more flexibility in your application fields.

(Vertical CNC processing center BHX 200)


  • Saves space thanks to the vertical design
  • No setup times thanks to the clamping system
  • Faster drilling thanks to powerful drilling equipment
  • Conserves resources thanks to vacuum-free clamping technology

Technical Data

Workpiece length [mm]200 – 3,050
Workpiece width [mm]50 – 1,250
Total machine weight [kg]approx. 3,200
Workpiece thickness [mm]8 – 80

Technical information is subject to change.