Packaging Technology

Cardboard-box closing machine PAQTEQ S-200


Perfect packaging, fully automatic

The Cardboard-box closing machine PAQTEQ S-200 safely and economically closes completely packed cardboard boxes with side closure in a fully automatic way. The result is a cleanly closed cardboard box, which optimally protects products during transport. Whether batch size 1, small series or serial production, the PAQTEQ S-200 flexibly adjusts to your requirements and demands.

(Cardboard-box closing machine VKV 710)


  • Consistently high packaging quality by sealing the cardboard boxes using hot-melt
  • High performance, up to 10 cardboard boxes/min in series production
  • Flat packaging from minimum box height 22 mm
  • Can work in stand-alone operation as well as being integrated into a complex packaging line
  • Intuitive operation thanks to powerTouch

Technical Data

Package length (internal dimensions)400 – 2,500 mm
Package width (internal dimensions)180–1100 mm
Package height (internal dimensions)22–250 mm
Package weightmax. 80 kg
Working height 900 +/- 30 mm
Conveying speed packaging belt35 m/min
Operating pressure6 bar
Quality of the cardboard
Thickness of the cardboard2,7–6,5 mm +/- 0,2 mm
Cardboard quality according to 554681-corrugation, thickness up to approx. 4.0 mm (Quality 1.10 – 1.40)
2-corrugation, thickness up to approx. 6.5 mm (Quality 2.10 – 2.30)