CNC Machining Centers

CNC Processing Center CENTATEQ P-310


Operation made easy: Working on a CNC machine has never been so easy an convenient.

All of the essential functions are directly in view and mounted directly on the machine. Thanks to the large window everything is always in view. Access to the table is free, no disturbing fences are required to the left and right. Fully implemented bumpers combine productivity, security and access to the machine.

(Venture processing centers | BMG 310 series)


  • Smart support for support and maintenance using the service pad and display of machine status on smart devices.
  • safeScan scanner for contact-free protection of the positioning of the automatic table and feed reduction in conjunction with the Speed Pack (option).
  • Convenience package (option): Operating functions can be activated with a button directly on the machine. An integrated proximity scanner for intelligent pausing is included.
  • Simple disposal of the offcuts and chips using the integrated chip belt. A waste box can be easily pushed onto the belt from the front (option).
  • Deposit position to the left and right on the machine for clamping equipment.

Технические характеристики

Workpiece length X – Individual processing[mm]
(tool length 140 mm / with all aggregates)
Workpiece length X – Alternating processing* [mm]
(tool length 140 mm / with all aggregates)
Workpiece width Y [mm]
(with tool diameter 25 mm, rear stop)
Workpiece width Y [mm]
(with tool length 230 mm / with all aggregates,
rear stop)
Workpiece width Y [mm]
(mit allen Aggregaten, stop forwards)
Workpiece width Y [mm]
(Edge gluing and post-processing, rear stop)
Workpiece width Y [mm]
(Edge gluing and post-processing, stop forwards)
Workpiece thickness Z [mm]
(vacuum cup height 100 mm)

* Dimension with central division.
Technical data and photographs are not binding in every detail. We reserve the right to make changes during further development.